Jim Morgan

I had a 10 by 16 lofted barn with 8-foot sidewalls built. It also has a 10 x 8 lean-to on the end. I was able to get Atlas to custom-design this for me. It uses wood trim rather than the normal metal trim. The roof is shingled versus metal roof. The lean-to though is metal roof which is what I wanted. I had the barn doors moved to the far left hand side as this is a side-entry unit. And the windows to the right and then I had an additional 36 in household type door added on to the end along with the window. There are also flower boxes which I have not put up yet I requested them not be put on so that I may paint them whatever color the wife decided she wants. They were very accommodating with that request. Atlas was excellent to work with. I have to say that I had sent them a Facebook message at 2 in the morning and got a reply back! That's what started the deal. And I know that's not usually going to happen, getting a reply back at 2 a.m. but.... that's how I ended up with an Atlas Barn. I can say that the quality is excellent. The guys that came out to build it were great. They kept me up on what was happening every step of the way. When it came time for them to leave they cleaned up so well that you could not even tell they were here. Overall a great great experience! I would highly highly highly recommend them. Shoot, I'd love to work for a company this good.

William Downs